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I'm a software creative interested in music, math, and the internet.

Focused Experience

  • Name: Nick Bulka
  • Job: Software developer
  • Residence: Savannah Georgia, United States
  • Education: University of Maryland, College Park: BS in Economics, BA in Philosophy

I started building websites as a hobby to gain traction for a band. In the process, I realized that I have a penchant for coding. After a solid internship at a local Savannah web development shop, I was hired by the Savannah College of Art and Design and architected much of the pretty codebase that saturates SCAD's admission funnel. I worked there for five years before turning my interests toward artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is my current role. I've built a chatbot to aid customers. Adapting to the customer's input, it uses a long-short-term-memory machine learning model to provide a response. My first-and-forever project is an evolving music producing algorithm.

I have a strong background in statistics and mathematics, from a lifelong curiosity of logic and an applied degree in economics.

My Services

Web architecture

I'm a Javascript and Javascript ecosystem expert, preferring React.js and Redux.js as a front-end framework. I also like Drupal 8 as a mature and extensible back-end and REST API. The Drupal community is wonderful.

Machine learning

Python has asserted itself as a major machine learning language and I love its syntax and design patterns. If I had to choose one language to code in, it would likely be Python. I use the rasa library for coding up conversational bots and keras for regressional analysis.

Web Hosting

I'll host your website and keep it up to date at a low and competitive price.

  • University of Maryland, College Park

    Bachelor's Degree Economics 2006-2010

    Distinguished honors graduate with a specialty in game theory and linear regressions.

  • University of Maryland, College Park

    Bachelor's Degree Philosophy 2006-2010

    These classes required me to confront my intellectual assumptions and ultimately made me a refined thinker and researcher.

My Experience

  • Candor USA

    AI and web developer April 2019 - present

    I work on an AI chatbot client to allow Candor to respond to user questions immediately. The bot uses NLP and Tensorflow to extract users’ intents and decide on which actions to take based on the classified intent. The bot also makes API calls to return information based on custom user details, which are extracted from the text that the user chats to the bot. I’ve coded the front-end using the React.js framework, and deployed the full stack using Docker containers on AWS’s ElasticBeanstalk.

  • Savannah College of Art and Design

    Web developer II February 2014 - April 2019

    I built highly customized websites and apps with an emphasis on increasing admission rates and providing quality services for current students, faculty, and staff. I edited all front and backend code for as necessary. I was the lead developer for the SCAD App calendar programmed in React.js and integrated with Drupal 8’s JSON API, allowing all SCAD departments to feed events into one headless Drupal instance. I was the lead developer and maintainer for many peripheral SCAD websites such as,,, and many others.

  • United Webworks

    Junior web developer June 2013 - February 2014

    I developed e-commerce websites connecting brick and mortar stores with an online inventory. Created Drupal content types, views and panels for clients. Used the Panelizer and Display Suite modules and CSS to style the front-end for clients’ websites.

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